Get Larger Visual Displays with Soft Edge Blending

Soft Edge Blending is a method used to create larger visual displays by spreading the projection duties over two or more projectors. These multiple projectors are then overlapped and the brightness of the edges feathered, to create a seamless large display.

When used for your event, this type of projection gives you more screen real-estate, allowing multiple presentations and videos on the screen at the same time, or even specially designed, full screen content.

Alphasound uses Analog Way technology, in the form of the DiVentix II, to perform edge blending solutions, controlled by an ORC 50.

The DiVentix II is a multi-layer, hi-resolution, scaler, seamless switcher, with keying/edge blending system and 4 scalers.visuel1-4595

The ORC 50 is a powerful, intuitive and ergonomic, touchscreen remote controller for the DiVentix II.orchestra orc 50