Lighting Equipmentmac250krypton-lighting

Lighting is a major part of the overall success of a conference, or event such as an awards ceremony. Our lighting systems are extremely versatile, and can be programmed using our Avolites Pearl moving light controller.

We stock intelligent lighting, often seen on television programmes such as ‘The National Lottery’ and ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.’

As many conference and event organisers already agree, intelligent lighting will help take your event into the next league, and will add a memorable dimension to your show.

They are ideal for events such as awards ceremonies, gala dinners, dances, product launches, to name but a few.




Starcloths are black theatrical drapes studded with lights or fibre optic strands which ‘twinkle’ to look like stars and give a ‘sky at night’ effect.

We stock 4m x 4m pieces of starcloth. Use it as the backdrop for your stage and give your event that ‘glitzy’ Oscars style feel! Our technicians will assemble the cloth on a truss frame to suit the dimensions of your venue.

Rigging & TrussRigging & Truss Equipment

ASTRALITE is a three cord, high tensile system. One of the first light weight trussing systems to be introduced to the market, and one of the most popular products in the midi series. The high strength to weight ratio of this truss has made it a great success.

Other types of truss are available on request.